If Chiropractic care is a new experience for you, then you may be unsure what to expect on your first visit.  The initial appointment is a time for the doctor to assess a patient's condition and formulate an ideal care plan.  

Health Information
When you arrive for your first vist, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork.  You can save time by downloading the "Patient  History" and filling it out in advance.  Please initial on page 3 that you have read the "Privacy Policy". 

Nutrition Assessment
If you schedule a Nutrition Assessment, as  a Chiropractic appointment, your first visit will entail filling out paperwork.  You can download the "Health Appraisal", "Health History", and "Detox Questionnaire", fill them out, and bring them with you. 

Initial Consultation
After your paperwork has been reviewed, Dr. Joy will meet with you to discuss your health history and other concerns.  This will allow her to get a clear idea of how best to proceed, as well as letting you ask any questions you may have.

You might be asked to put on a gown for your examination, which will include posture analysis, range of  motion, orthopedic testing, neurological testing, and a chiropractic examination, adjustment, treatment or referral.

Report of Findings
Upon completion of your examination, Dr.Joy will then explain her findings and offer suggestions for a treatment plan.

Next Appointment
When you are finished with your visit, you will be asked to check at the front desk to schedule your next appointment and to meet any financial requirements for today’s visit.

Our Cancellation Policy
We kindly ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  We understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, so it is our policy that you are allowed a missed appointment with no penalty.  After the first cancellation or missed appointment, you may be assessed a $50 service charge.  We ask that you pay this before your next visit, as it will not be billed through insurance. 

Thank you for choosing St. Croix Chiropractic and Wellness as a partner in your health goals!

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